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Wake up every morning with perfectly shaped Eyebrows & Lips

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Eyebrows Man & Woman

This hand tool technique is a unique way to draw hair by mimicking natural hair as natural as possible without the permanent lasting effect.
Price: $450
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Eyebrow Shading
This hand tool technique is a unique way to draw hair by mimicking natural hair as natural as possible without the permanent lasting effect.
Price: $400
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Partial Eyebrows

Ideal for scars & short eyebrows. Color and symmerty correction.

*Price Upon Consultation*
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Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows

This is a permanent yet natural eyebrow that will last for years to come with regular touchups. This is a top selling treatment!

Price: $400
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Thin Eyeliner & Lash Enhancement

No lash line? Or just need a boost? Man or Woman, this is for you!

Price: $200 – $250
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Medium-Bold Eyeliner Enhancement

Want the perfect look without the hour in the mirror? This treatment is perfection at it’s finest. Worry no more!

Price: $350
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Lower Line Eyeliner Enhancement

Why not? If you need a little more definition, do a little or a lot, half or all, even a different color from your top eyeliner, or just a lash enhancement to give a fuller lask loog. Men love this!

Price: $250
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Upper & Lower Eyeliner Enhancement

The best deal on eyeliner – period. Done in the same appointment!

Price: $350
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Lips - Full Color

One color for full lips – this will give a pergevt color as natural as you want. With a touch of gloss they will look beautifully done.

Cliff’lip? Scared lip? Or just need the illusion of fuller lips without injections? This is for you!

Price: $550
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Lip Liner Only
One-color lip liner only, this is a blended natural look to fix any imperfections giving you a perfect shape.
Price: $400
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Lips - Full Service
Lip Liner and Full Lips Two Tone
This beautiful combination will give you just what you need. The perfect two-tone of beautiful lips you could only dream of before!
Price: $650
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Additional Services

Beauty Mark
If you were nor born with it.. well, now it is yours!
Price: $250
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Blush and Beauty Mark Combo

This is the best combo! Blush and Beauty Mark on one session!

Price: $400
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Semi- Permanent Blush

This exquisite blush procedure will give you the natural, healthy glow you need in a simple treatment. This is semi-permanent and needs to be touched up every 6-8 months, which is nothing considering the benefits!

Price: $350
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Eyeliner Highlight - Shadow & Color
Highlight, shadow, or add color to make your eyeliner stand out. This can simple or sassy as you like!
Price: $200 – $300
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Aerola 3D
I always honor cancer survivors with 50% off.
Price: $350/Each
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Face & Body Scar Camoflage
Face Camoflage / Body Scar Camoflage / Scalp Hair Simulation (Perfect for men with scars in the head or thinning hair). *Consultation Required*
Price: $250
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Service Package Pricing

Ask for promotional pricing and package deals! Packing prices available on all services.
On PCM we give $50 off any additional service. Add two save $100, includes Microblading.

Maintenance Touch Ups (PCM Only)
Within 2 months of the procedure, prices vary per colors used, areas and age of procedure. Price: $250

2 – 3 Years: $150

4 – 5 Years: $250
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Special Discounts

  • Jamilas Business Owners and Clients 15%
  • Senior Citizens 15%
  • Military 15% (first appointment)
  • $50 Credit each Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Referral
  • $10 Credit each Speciality Facial Service Referral

Bundle, Plan & Save

  • Pick 3 esthetic services and take 15% off your visit! Clients that refer save even more!
  • Schedule your reccourring aesthetic service for a 15% discount!
  • $10 Credit with each SMP Referral

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